Shelf Life of CBD Oil

What is the shelf life of hemp oil

The short answer is, if stored correctly, an unopened bottle of our hemp oil will last 14 months from the date of production. The long answer is there are several factors that can influence the shelf life of hemp oil. The major ones are how the seed is pressed, how the oil is packaged and how the oil is stored.

Sealed jugs devoid of oxygen extend shelf life

The oxygen free environment doesn’t stop at the pressing stage, we continue it right through to the bottling stage where the oil is maintained oxygen free and then the last bit of space in the top of the filled bottle is also replaced with nitrogen before the bottle is sealed with a foil topper and the lid is put on. These extra steps ensure that the oil will remain fresh for a long period of time after it has been placed in the bottle, literally for many months allowing us to set a best before date of 14 months from the date of manufacture.

Cold storage of the oil extends shelf life

Keep your oil cold. While we maintain an environment that is consistently lower than 15 C for short term storage of the products, we highly recommend you storing your oil in the freezer for longer term storage. One of the many wonderful benefits of hemp oil is that it will not turn to a solid at the temperatures reached in your home freezer so you can keep you oil there and it will still pour for you. There may be some separation of the naturally occurring waxes but this will just result in some cloudiness and is not something to be concerned about. It will not affect flavour or consistency when the oil warms.

Keep your oil cold and out of the light

The two things you need to be aware of after you get your oil is that you should keep it cool and out of the sunlight. Store the oil in the freezer for long term storage and in the fridge in the short term. The oil can withstand moderate temperatures, for instance while being shipped, without any significant degradation. For long term storage, just ensure you maintain a cold temperature.

Travel Advice – Should I Bring my Vape Abroad?

Travelling – should I bring my Vape abroad?


With the summer holidays approaching fast lot’s of our customers are planning their own getaways. But what are the regulations on travelling with a Vape, and can they use them abroad?

Below we discuss the topic with some advice if you plan to travel abroad with your trusty Vape kit this year.

Legal Status

Before travelling abroad we recommend you research the legal status of Vaping in the country you will be going to. Regulations can vary massively – in countries like Thailand, Singapore and Argentina Vaping is totally banned and you could come away with a hefty fine if you did. Other places like Australia, New Zealand and some Scandinavian countries have restricted use, particularly if you use a liquid containing nicotine. In the USA restrictions vary from state to state.
It is critical to research where you are travelling to, to make sure you don’t fall foul of the law.

Airports and Flying

As the popularity of e-cigarettes and vaping has taken off there has become a wider understanding and easier to find rules when flying with the major airlines.  The UK’s most popular airlines; Ryanair, Easy Jet, British Airways and Thomas Cook do not allow vaping on their planes – they do allow vapes in carry on baggage but most flights do not allow E-Cigarettes in checked (hold) luggage. Most airports will state the vaping policies on their websites. Using e-cigarettes is banned inside all UK airports.

Security and customs

When making your way through airport security unpack your vape and scan it separately. Remember that E-Liquid still counts as ‘liquid’ so it must go into the 100ml Clear Plastic Bag and scanned separately.

Research is key here – some countries do not allow any nicotine in their E-Liquids. If you do happen to be travelling somewhere that does not allow Nicotine we recommend looking into Nicotine-Free E-Liquid (like our Short-Fills).


Whether you’re heading off for a long-weekend city break or a month long backpacking trip you’ll need to consider what hardware to bring along with you. We recommend a removable battery device with a separate charger, or two batteries if you’re travelling for a longer period of time. Check out our page of Batteries and Power Delivery

Buying E-Liquids abroad:

We recommend that you take enough E-Liquid (if legal) to last until your return. Not only can you take your favourite flavours but many foreign countries don’t have the high standard quality testing that the UK enforces, meaning that the liquids may not be as good as what you are used to.

Travel safe this holiday season – and enjoy your breaks!

We will be staying here in good ol’ Britain and trying to ignore the rain.

Be Well , Stay Happy

Well Zone

New in: CBD Vape Liquids and Tinctures!

We are extremely happy to announce that we will now be stocking CBD Products from our close friends at Well Zone.

Their CBD is Full Spectrum, 100% Natural and is made using non GMO Plants. It is the highest possible quality we could source and is made and packaged in the UK. We are so grateful to be able to supply such an amazing product – CBD can be a great addition to anyone’s wellness routine and we are excited to join that journey with you.

We will be selling Vape Liquids from strengths 2.5% – 10% and Tinctures up to 20%.

Check our ‘CBD’ tab for more.


A Guide to Electronic Cigarette and Mod Batteries

A Guide to Electronic Cigarette and Mod Batteries.

All batteries can explode, and it can happen with electronic cigarette batteries.

Which is a shame, as every single incident we have heard of so far has been avoidable.

If you follow the correct safety procedures, e-cigarette battery explosions are very rare – about 1 in 10 million (source).

To enjoy vaping safely, follow the simple rules in this info-graphic:



Using the Right Charger

The number one cause of problems with electronic cigarettes is using the wrong charger.

In fact, at an ECITA meeting we were told it was the cause of every problem the group had come across. (This excludes mechanical mods, as these depends on user knowledge to operate safely. See The Vapers Guide to Voltage, Watts, and Ohms for more information.)

Use the charger supplied or recommended by your supplier to minimise problems.

Buy from a Reputable Supplier

Dodgy e-cigarette batteries are brought into the country and are generally sold on markets and by sole traders.

But batteries and chargers are not something you want to skimp on. Overcharge and over-discharge protection, ROHS certification and external battery testing all cost money, so it’s well worth being wary of cheap batteries and chargers.

Avoid Heat, Cold and Direct Sunlight

According to, extreme heat can lead to the resin in batteries melting and deforming, leading to electrolyte leakage and explosion. Avoiding storing your e-cig battery next to radiators/boilers or in direct sunlight.

Avoid Contact with Water

If your battery falls into or gets saturated with water, cease use. Either return it to the supplier or take it to a recycling station.

If you have a damaged battery, dispose of it correctly. If you’re not sure how,search for a hazardous waste disposal service near you.

Damaged Batteries

The same goes for damaged batteries – it’s just not worth the risk!

Avoid Carrying with Metal

Do not carry in a pocket with coins or keys.

Clean your Battery

The fire service recommends cleaning your e-cigarette battery weekly.

If you can’t manage that, do check your battery every now and again to see if any dirt or gunk has accumulated on your battery connection point. Use an alcohol wipe, cotton bud or tissue to gently clean gunk off.

Travelling with your Battery

By Plane 

Most airlines require you to place your battery in your cabin luggage. Before putting your ecig away, make sure you turn it off by pressing the button five times.

If you have a device with a removable battery, most airlines recommend this should be installed in your device before being checked into hold luggage. Ideally, you would also tape over contact points with insulation tape.

When Abroad

Charging your e-cigarette abroad can prove tricky, as voltage supplied by power networks varies from country to country. The best option for charging your battery is to use the charger and plug recommended by your supplier, but with a plug adaptor bought in the country you are visiting. You can also check power supply before visiting a country on this Wikipedia page.

Ideally, you would also use surge protection, although in practice it’s not always practical to carry around a surge protection device.

Hope this info is useful to you all.

Welcome One & All

New Website


We have a new website, new look, fully stocked and ready to provide you with all your vaping needs. Whether your just starting out or already an experienced vaper your bound to find something you need here.

E liquid – Electro~E~Juice Range

We have been refining all our recipes and now have over 150 flavours of e liquids in our Electro~E~Juice range, all made with UK sourced ingredients in a 60% PG/40%VG mix, and we’ll do any PG/VG ratio mix that you desire (100 ml minimum order), just get in touch and one of our experienced staff will have it mixed and steeping by the end of that day. All our E Liquids are steeped for 2 weeks to let the flavours and ingredients get acquainted, guaranteeing you a full and flavourful vaping experience.