A Message From the Guys at A Billion Lives , please support.

Here Comes the Storm



Things have been quiet. We’ve been busy. Heads down. Preparing.

A storm is coming.

I am proud to announce that editing is now finished. We will continue making minor adjustments, but it is done. No more wondering. This film is coming out.

I am exhausted. Our team is tired from editing eight versions of the film. It is emotional work, with so many lives on the line.

Now it’s time to show the world.

Film Festival Premieres

We need your help.

We’ve reached out to the following film festivals all over the world to see if there is interest in premiering the film in their city/country.

They are going through thousands of films and are very busy, so I would encourage you to contact them. Email. Phone. Twitter. Facebook. Whatever it takes.

Let them hear how important this topic is.

True/False Film Festival – Columbia, MO
Hong Kong International Film Festival – Hong Kong
Cleveland International Film Festival – Ohio
Gasparilla International Film Festival – Tampa
American Documentary Film Festival – Palm Springs, CA

Atlanta Film Festival – Atlanta, GA
Dallas International Film Festival – Dallas, TX
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival – Durham, NC
It’s All True – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival
Worldfest – Houston
Florida Film Festival – Orlando, FL
Tribeca Film Festival – New York, NY
Visions du Réel – Nyon, Switzerland
Hot Docs Film Festival – Toronto, Canada

Early May
DOK.fest – Munich, Germany
DocAVIV – Tel Aviv, Israel

If you’d like to see A Billion Lives at other film festivals, please have them contact us.

Theater Near You?

We are gearing up to bring our film to theaters all over the world. Unfortunately, that takes money. We are working to partner with a film distributor, but we need to build a larger following first.

In the meantime we are reaching out directly to theater operators. If you have a theater near you that plays documentary films, please contact them to request A Billion Lives.

If you know anyone that wants to sponsor an after-party for a theater showing, please have them contact us. We are putting together a tour.

It’s Our Time

You helped us dig up information. You connected us with interview subjects. You gave us a loud voice. You helped make this film.

Now is the time to bring it to the world.

Here we go,
– Aaron Biebert & the team


We at the Electro Tobacconist have already contacted The Little Cinema in Bath and have requested that they consider playing the Documentary if they can, and we encourage you all to do the same via their website https://www.picturehouses.com/cinema/The_Little

or directly via their company email: enquiries@picturehouses.co.uk

Thanks for your continued support,

The Electro Tobacconist Team.

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