Guide to vaping abroad this summer

Travel Advice – Should I Bring my Vape Abroad?

Travelling – should I bring my Vape abroad?


With the summer holidays approaching fast lot’s of our customers are planning their own getaways. But what are the regulations on travelling with a Vape, and can they use them abroad?

Below we discuss the topic with some advice if you plan to travel abroad with your trusty Vape kit this year.

Legal Status

Before travelling abroad we recommend you research the legal status of Vaping in the country you will be going to. Regulations can vary massively – in countries like Thailand, Singapore and Argentina Vaping is totally banned and you could come away with a hefty fine if you did. Other places like Australia, New Zealand and some Scandinavian countries have restricted use, particularly if you use a liquid containing nicotine. In the USA restrictions vary from state to state.
It is critical to research where you are travelling to, to make sure you don’t fall foul of the law.

Airports and Flying

As the popularity of e-cigarettes and vaping has taken off there has become a wider understanding and easier to find rules when flying with the major airlines.  The UK’s most popular airlines; Ryanair, Easy Jet, British Airways and Thomas Cook do not allow vaping on their planes – they do allow vapes in carry on baggage but most flights do not allow E-Cigarettes in checked (hold) luggage. Most airports will state the vaping policies on their websites. Using e-cigarettes is banned inside all UK airports.

Security and customs

When making your way through airport security unpack your vape and scan it separately. Remember that E-Liquid still counts as ‘liquid’ so it must go into the 100ml Clear Plastic Bag and scanned separately.

Research is key here – some countries do not allow any nicotine in their E-Liquids. If you do happen to be travelling somewhere that does not allow Nicotine we recommend looking into Nicotine-Free E-Liquid (like our Short-Fills).


Whether you’re heading off for a long-weekend city break or a month long backpacking trip you’ll need to consider what hardware to bring along with you. We recommend a removable battery device with a separate charger, or two batteries if you’re travelling for a longer period of time. Check out our page of Batteries and Power Delivery

Buying E-Liquids abroad:

We recommend that you take enough E-Liquid (if legal) to last until your return. Not only can you take your favourite flavours but many foreign countries don’t have the high standard quality testing that the UK enforces, meaning that the liquids may not be as good as what you are used to.

Travel safe this holiday season – and enjoy your breaks!

We will be staying here in good ol’ Britain and trying to ignore the rain.

Be Well , Stay Happy

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